The Basilica of the Holy House in Loreto

Some HDR night scenes in Loreto (Italy), outside the Basilica of the Holy House.

The late Gothic Basilica has been built in 1469, around the Holy House, and the sacred site attracts as many as 4 million Catholic pilgrims and visitors each year. Some of the greatest architects of the time worked on the construction of this basilica, Bramante and Vanvitelli for all.

Inside the basilica, the Holy House is, of course, the main attraction. It is a small stone building measuring 13 x 31 feet, with traces of medieval murals on the inner walls. An ancient tradition tells that the walls of the Shrine existed in Nazareth, Galilea: the Holy House is the same House where Our Lady Mary was born, grew up and received the angelic announcement.

This tradition, based on devotion and popular belief, ascribed the transportation of the House of Nazareth to an angelic mission; current historical studies have developed the hypothesis of a transportation carried out by Man, through sea and land, that came true with special assistance from above. That’s the way “to read between the lines” and give the most probable explanation to the Holy House event.

Curiosity: outside the place of the Basilica you can see an Aermacchi MB-339-A/PAN of aerobatic demonstration team of the Italian Aeronautica Militare. In 1910, Our Lady of Loreto became the patron saint of pilots, because of the tradition of the house’s flight from Nazareth.


Gear: Canon Eos 6D and Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L USM II