Corte – Corsica

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Corte is a beautiful old town in the middle of the island of Corsica (France), built at confluence of the Restonica and Tavignana rivers, and enhanced by the mountain scenery that surrounds it. Corte was once the capital of Corsica, and the city does still hold quite a grandiose air about it. In recent years Corte was in decline, but since the reopening of […]

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Calvi – Corsica

gallery - Calvi – Corsica Calvi 35 - Calvi – Corsica Calvi 34 - Calvi – Corsica Calvi 29 - Calvi – Corsica Calvi 28 - Calvi – Corsica Calvi 27 - Calvi – Corsica Calvi 26 - Calvi – Corsica Calvi 23 - Calvi – Corsica

Calvi is the biggest tourist city of the French island of Corsica. Places of interest in Calvi are: the long beach of white sand, the harbourside with yachts and private cruisers and, of course, the old Citadel. The Citadel is the main part of the town, and its most important historical monument. It was a military outpost that helped guard […]

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A trip in Corsica (Part #1)

Bonifacio at blue hour - A trip in Corsica (Part #1) Bonifacio landscape 1 - A trip in Corsica (Part #1) Bonifacio landscape 2 - A trip in Corsica (Part #1) Bonifacio landscape 3 - A trip in Corsica (Part #1) Village of Bonifacio on the rocks - A trip in Corsica (Part #1) Erbalunga seascape 1 - A trip in Corsica (Part #1) Erbalunga seascape 2 - A trip in Corsica (Part #1) Old car and sailing boat - A trip in Corsica (Part #1)

This is first part of photos taken in a summer trip all around the Corsica Island. Corsica is a large island in the Mediterranean sea referred as a “région” of France. It’s a nice place to stay e to visit. In just a few hours, you can see the most glittering jewels of the island: the seascapes, with […]

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