Bologna 23 - Bologna Bologna 22 - Bologna Bologna 21 - Bologna Bologna 20 - Bologna Bologna 19 - Bologna Bologna 18 - Bologna Bologna 17 - Bologna Bologna 16 - Bologna

Wandering in Bologna, the medioeval capital of Emilia Romagna region in north of Italy. In this photo gallery some shots taken around the old city with the distinctive lengthy porticoes: indeed, Bologna counts more than 53 kilometers of porticoes and worldwide there isn’t another city with this peculiarity. Bologna is also famous for the oldest […]

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Wandering in Brussels

VV 3 - Wandering in Brussels VV 2 - Wandering in Brussels Bruxelles 39 - Wandering in Brussels Bruxelles 38 - Wandering in Brussels Bruxelles 37 - Wandering in Brussels Bruxelles 36 - Wandering in Brussels Bruxelles 35 - Wandering in Brussels Bruxelles 34 - Wandering in Brussels

Wander the city of Brussels it’s really an experience. Brussels is the capital of Belgium, but playing an important role in Europe, may be considered as the capital of the European Union: Brussels fits the definition of “melting pot”, but still retains its own unique character. In this gallery I’ve report some of the most interesting attractives of […]

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Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Rotterdam 33 - Rotterdam (Netherlands) Rotterdam 32 - Rotterdam (Netherlands) Rotterdam 31 - Rotterdam (Netherlands) Rotterdam 30 - Rotterdam (Netherlands) Rotterdam 29 - Rotterdam (Netherlands) Rotterdam 28 - Rotterdam (Netherlands) Rotterdam 27 - Rotterdam (Netherlands) Rotterdam 26 - Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Rotterdam is a very interesting city to visit in Netherlands for several reasons: architecture, history, museums, culture. Rotterdam has the largest cargo port in Europe, is the city of the famous  Erasmus of Rotterdam, and was voted 2015 European City of the Year by the Academy of Urbanism. At difference of the others cities in Netherlands nowadays […]

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