Paleokastritsa – Corfù (Greece)

Palaiokastritsa 12 - Paleokastritsa – Corfù (Greece) Palaiokastritsa 11 - Paleokastritsa – Corfù (Greece) Palaiokastritsa 10 - Paleokastritsa – Corfù (Greece) Palaiokastritsa 9 - Paleokastritsa – Corfù (Greece) Palaiokastritsa 8 - Paleokastritsa – Corfù (Greece) Palaiokastritsa  7 - Paleokastritsa – Corfù (Greece) Palaiokastritsa  6 - Paleokastritsa – Corfù (Greece) Palaiokastritsa  5 - Paleokastritsa – Corfù (Greece)

The bay of Paleokastritsa is in the North West of Corfu, with his amazing beaches and cristal clear sea. Paleokastritsa is a small village where the epic poem the Odyssey,  tells that legendary Odysseus (Ulysses) disembarked and met Nausicaa for the first time. A great view and a lovely place to visit and to have a coffee or a lunch, is […]

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Croatian sea

Croatian sea 19 - Croatian sea Croatian sea 18 - Croatian sea Croatian sea 17 - Croatian sea Croatian sea 16 - Croatian sea Croatian sea 15 - Croatian sea Croatian sea 14 - Croatian sea Croatian sea 13 - Croatian sea Croatian sea 12 - Croatian sea

Photo collection of the Adriatic sea in Croatia. Some shots of the beautiful beach of Dubovica on the Hvar Island, seascapes of Dubrovnic, Split and Zadar and a picture of Visovac island in Krka National Park. Other galleries of Croatia: Dubrovnic (Part# 1) Krka National Park – Part# 2 Krka National Park – Part# 1   […]

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A trip in Corsica (Part #1)

Bonifacio at blue hour - A trip in Corsica (Part #1) Bonifacio landscape 1 - A trip in Corsica (Part #1) Bonifacio landscape 2 - A trip in Corsica (Part #1) Bonifacio landscape 3 - A trip in Corsica (Part #1) Village of Bonifacio on the rocks - A trip in Corsica (Part #1) Erbalunga seascape 1 - A trip in Corsica (Part #1) Erbalunga seascape 2 - A trip in Corsica (Part #1) Old car and sailing boat - A trip in Corsica (Part #1)

This is first part of photos taken in a summer trip all around the Corsica Island. Corsica is a large island in the Mediterranean sea referred as a “région” of France. It’s a nice place to stay e to visit. In just a few hours, you can see the most glittering jewels of the island: the seascapes, with […]

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