Cuenca 36 - Cuenca Cuenca 35 - Cuenca Cuenca 34 - Cuenca Cuenca 33 - Cuenca Cuenca 32 - Cuenca Cuenca 31 - Cuenca Cuenca 30 - Cuenca Cuenca 29 - Cuenca

Cuenca: a journey in Spain, searching for great emotions Cuenca is a tiny village in the Castilla-La Mancha Region, a site almost famous for “El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha”, the book narrating the adventures of a horseman tilting at windmills, that are copious in this area. The old village, declaired Unesco World […]

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The wonderful Copenaghen

Copenaghen P3 36 - The wonderful Copenaghen Copenaghen P3 175 - The wonderful Copenaghen Copenaghen P3 67 - The wonderful Copenaghen Copenaghen P3 207 - The wonderful Copenaghen Copenaghen P3 206 - The wonderful Copenaghen Copenaghen P3 201 - The wonderful Copenaghen Copenaghen P3 199 - The wonderful Copenaghen Copenaghen P3 194 - The wonderful Copenaghen

Copenaghen is one of the most liveable capitals in Europe, because of the danish people, that are really friendly, because of the food (in Copenaghen are based some restaurants worldwide famous: the danish cuisine is mainly organic and effectively innovative), because it is a sustainable cycle-friendly city and its architecture and design are modern and […]

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Bologna 23 - Bologna Bologna 22 - Bologna Bologna 21 - Bologna Bologna 20 - Bologna Bologna 19 - Bologna Bologna 18 - Bologna Bologna 17 - Bologna Bologna 16 - Bologna

Wandering in Bologna, the medioeval capital of Emilia Romagna region in north of Italy. In this photo gallery some shots taken around the old city with the distinctive lengthy porticoes: indeed, Bologna counts more than 53 kilometers of porticoes and worldwide there isn’t another city with this peculiarity. Bologna is also famous for the oldest […]

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Freetown Christiania – Copenaghen

Christiania 21 - Freetown Christiania – Copenaghen Christiania 20 - Freetown Christiania – Copenaghen Christiania 19 - Freetown Christiania – Copenaghen Christiania 18 - Freetown Christiania – Copenaghen Christiania 17 - Freetown Christiania – Copenaghen Christiania 16 - Freetown Christiania – Copenaghen Christiania 15 - Freetown Christiania – Copenaghen Christiania 14 - Freetown Christiania – Copenaghen

Christiania is a unique place to visit in the borough of Christianshavn in Copenaghen (Denmark),  known for its autonomous inhabitants’ different way of life. It was established in 1971 by a group of hippies who occupied some abandoned military barracks and developed their own set of society rules, completely independent of the Danish government. They claimed the […]

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Cycling in Amsterdam

I Amsterdam - Cycling in Amsterdam Cycles in Amsterdam 2 - Cycling in Amsterdam Cyclists and buildings 2 - Cycling in Amsterdam Cyclists in Amsterdam 5 - Cycling in Amsterdam Baby cyclist in Amsterdam - Cycling in Amsterdam Strange and funny cycle 2 - Cycling in Amsterdam Cyclists in Amsterdam 6 - Cycling in Amsterdam No parking cycle - Cycling in Amsterdam

Amsterdam have the best cycling infrastructure and is the most bicycle-friendly capital city in the world and cycling is a fundamental part of Dutch culture and that’s especially evident in Amsterdam. Amsterdammers usually likes cycle with brake pedal, on a black, upright and they attach a big sturdy basket or old wooden crate to the front of their bike, […]

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